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Dear Angela,

 Wanted to let you know that everyone LOVED your works of art!  People so enjoyed all the dishes 0 even ones they usually never eat (such as eggplant, carrots, zucchini) because of the way you seasoned the dishes.  The Bourbon Chicken, Salmon, Beef, Beignets were loved (and even those who normally do not eat sugar really enjoyed them). Every dish was devoured!

 You and your staff are true artists!  You have quite a fan club here!

 Score is 1,000 out of 10!

 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Jane M.




Island’s Creole Patties $24.00 (dozen)

Flaky puffed pastry filled with beef or veggies


Marinad (chicken Fritters) $30 (30 fritters)


Sweet Plantain Fritters $25 (30 fritters)




Caesar Salad  $14

Traditional Recipe with croutons, parmesan cheese and our special Caesar dressing . available with chicken.


Dhat Salad $24

Mixed Greens, Cucumbers, Green Onions , Seasonal fresh & dried tropical fruit, Topped with feta cheese & Tossed in our own citrus dressing.


Curry vegetables $48





Dhat Chicken $58

Boneless Chicken breast marinated with Dhat Islands’ Creole spices and grilled to excellence.


Dhat Bourbon Chicken $59 

Boneless tender chicken breast marinated & glazed with our special spices and dark bourbon Sauce.


Curry Chicken $65 


Creole Chicken (mixed Quarters) $59

Our famous roasted Creole Chicken. Marinated with our seasonings and spices with citrus, garlic and sautéed onions


Jerk Chicken $65





Dhat Creole Meatball $41 

Savory Creole beef Meatballs seasoned to perfection with our blend of Creole spices


Creole Turkey $59 

Creole Turkey wings andlegs slow cooked and smothered in Creole Sauce and natural Juices; Cut with bone in.

Portobello Mushroom $59 


 Seafood Gumbo $81 


 Chicken Gumbo $61 

Portobello Mushroom & Steak $74 (1/2 tray)


Creole Salmon $65 

Salmon fillets seasoned with fresh herbs and spices , pan seared with delicious Garlic Cilantro Butter.


Creole Shrimp $50


Gryio (Island Pork) $78

Delicious tender pork shoulder seasonedin our parsley marinade and cooked to perfection. The plate is garnished with Spiced Cabbage (PIKLIZ)


Creole Red Snapper (subject to market price) $65 


Creole Pasta & Chicken $55

Boneless Chicken Breast cut in strips over our signature Creole Penne Pastawith seasonal vegetables tossed in our Creole pasta sauce


Creole pasta $50 


Eggplant Creole $58 

Exotic eggplant slow-cooked with an array of vegetables prepared to perfection in mouth-watering savory Creole tomato sauce: best served over white rice.


Oxtail Bullion $78 

Delicious tender Ox-tails stewed with veggies to perfection


Creole Blackened Steak $78

Tender grilled 8oz flat iron steak


Curry Goat $78

Tender goat meat stewed in our curry sauce and marinated to perfection


Tri-Tip $78 






Dhat Red Beans & Rice $24.99


 Collard Mixed Greens $38


 Black Beans Sauce & White Rice $24.99 


Candied Yams $29.99


Mac & Cheese $54 


Mixed Greens $38

collard, turnip, mustard


Plantains  $19.00 

green or yellow


Meli Melo $67 

Kin to jambalaya. rice chicken, shrimp, sausage all stewed in Red Stripe Beer




Beignets $8.00 (dozen)


Dhat Islands’ Citrus pound cake $30

Peach Cobbler $26.00


Caribbean Cake $36



Strawberry or regular lemonade, Iced tea, coke , Diet Coke, Sprite, Kola Champagne ,Ginger Beer




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