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Caribbean Creole Cuisine



Located in historic downtown Redlands CA.

Dhat Island  is an island experience away from the Caribbean



Dhat Island  opened its doors in June of 2009 at its first location on  Eureka street in Redlands , CA.  Dhat Island opened for take-out business. The restaurant  is  now located in the Fox theater  building In historic downtown Redlands CA.  Since its inception  Dhat Island has been serving  UNIQUE  interpretations of classic Caribbean dishes with influences from the south.


Dhat Islands's interior, reflects the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area with a Caribbean minimalistic twist, while also paying tribute to the building's storied past. The restaurant offers the choice to observe passers-by on the quaint patio, or to enjoy an intimate meal in our main dinning room.




 DECEMBER 25TH CLOSED                            MERRY CHRISTMAS



ph. (909) 798- 6000




22 E. Vine St.
Redlands, CA 92373




Tues-Sat  Lunch 11:30a-3p   Dinner 5p-9:00p (open till 9:30p on Fri-sat)
Sunday 11:30a–3p  (Sunday Brunch)

Monday: Closed

leave your passport, luggage, tickets behind and forget about tsa and long lines; come to dhat island.



For reservations Call (909) 798–6000.
We make Reservations for parties  of 5 or more.

*during the weekends, we only seat complete parties.


historic downtown Redlands old movie theater ticket booth is now "beignets hut @ dhat island". now featuring west coast best beignets with chicory coffee and 5 spice Caribbean hot chocolate.                                     



Sunday Brunch

11:30A.M - 3:00P.M

Bottomless mimosa $12pp

Mango, Guava, Orange


Citrus Salad $12

Savory Entrees

 Some Entrees are served with your choice of Red Beans and Rice, Black Beans sauce & white  Rice or Sautéed Vegetables.


 Oxtail bouillon $17.95

Steak Du Matin & Smothered potatoes and eggs          $18.95

8 oz. flat iron steak marinated and grilled to perfection


Creole Salmon      $17

Bourbon Salmon      $18.95

Creole Shrimp & Grits    $12  


Bourbon Chicken $14.95



Twice cooked, succulent Island Pork


Stewed Eggplant Creole $12

Sweet Entrees

Served with Southern Smothered potatoes

Add a side of Andouille sausage link or Bacon $3.50

Chicken and Waffle $13

Banana Foster $12


Southern Entrees

Southern Fried Chicken Benedict $12

Vegetable Omelet $12

(Mushroom, peppers, onions, tomatoes and cheese)


Southern Sides

Candied Yams, Mac N Cheese, Mixed Greens $6



Baby Coconut (market Price) Ginger Beer $3.75, Champagne Kola$3.50

Strawberry Lemonade, $3.95, Regular Lemonade$3.75

 Ting (Jamaican grapefruit drink) $3.75

Champagne $8



Beignet ½ or Full, Caribbean Cake, Citrus Pound Cake, Peach Cobbler


Bon Appetit!

SPECIAL OCCASION brunch at Dhat Island

                                                                              (FATHER'S DAY-MOTHER'S DAY)

 $24.99 pp,

(w/1 glass of mimosa or sparkling cider pp.)

bottomless mimosa or sparkling cider $12pp

Upon placing your entree order, indulge in our seasonal Starter bar:

starter bar: chef's choice  flavorful goodies

Savory Entrees

 Entrees are served with your choice of Red Beans and Rice, Black Beans and Rice or Sautéed Vegetables.

 Grilled steak & bbq prawns

 Oxtails Bouillon

bourbon glazed Salmon

creole half chicken

djon-djon rice w/crab, shrimp. mussels

griyo (ISLAND PORK)   Twice cooked succulent Island Pork


Stewed Eggplant Creole

Sweet Entrees

Served with Southern Smothered potatoes, andouille sausage or bacon

 Banana Foster

Berry French Toast

 Southern Entrees

Served with Southern Smothered potatoes

Southern Fried Chicken Benedict


 Southern Sides

Candied Yams

Mac N Cheese

Mixed Greens


Baby Coconut (market Price)

Ginger Beer

Champagne Kola

Strawberry Lemonade

Regular Lemonade

(No refills on lemonade)


Beignets 1/2 ORDER PER TABLE

some a la carte items are available

children 10 and under menu available)

11:30 a.m- 3:00 P.m   

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