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Caribbean Creole Cuisine



Island's Creole Patties (Haitian Patties) $6.95

Puffed pastry filled with creole seasoned beef or Vegetables.


Jamaican Patties $6.95

Golden crust filled with Island's seasoned beef or Curry Chicken


Plantain Fritter $7.95

Delicious Sweet plantains, corn and mixed bell pepper wrapped in our fritter batter.


Marinad (Seasoned Beignets) $7.95

Chicken Fritters seasoned wit a unique blend of Caribbean spices . Served with our house "Josh Sauce".


Fried Okra $8.95

Battered in Dhat Island's savory cornmeal batter. Served wit our house "Josh Special Sauce".


Baby Bello Mushrooms $8.95

Battered in Dhat Island's Savory cornmeal batter. Served with our "Josh Special Sauce".


Creole Shrimp & Grits $13

Tour Around Dhat Island Combo $19.95

Sticky Chicken Wings $9.95



Dhat Chicken Caesar $12.95

Traditional Caesar salad served with our tender Dhat chicken breast strips.


Caribbean Shell Salad $12.95

Tomato tortilla bowl filled with black beans and white rice,crispy lettuce, tomatoes and our Dhat chicken. Served with cilantro dressing.


Salmon Caesar $15.95

Our Caesar salad served with creole seasoned pan-seared Salmon.


Island's Citrus Salad $12.95

Crispy Chopped salad w fresh oranges, cranberries , feta cheese and our house citrus dressing.


Avocado Caribbean Salad $12.95



Ask server for featured soup







Creole Beef Meatball $13.95

Creole seasoned beef meatballs topped with our creole Sauce.


Oxtail Bullion $17.95

Tender Oxtails stewed with carrots, potatoes.


Creole Blackened Steak $18.95

Tender Grilled 8oz. Steak prepared with Dhat Island's Creole Seasoning.


Eggplant Creole w/beef $15.95

Exotic eggplant stewed to perfection with onions tomatoes and beef.


Dhat Chicken $13.95

Tender & Juicy marinated chicken breast with our savory island spices.


Curry Chicken $14.95

Tender marinated chicken quarter stewed in our yellow curry sauce and Creole-Caribbean seasonings.


Jerk Chicken $14.95

Tender marinated chicken quarter stewed in our Islands's flavorful Jerk marinade.


Creole Fried Tilapia $17.95

A deep fried tilapia w/garlic & spices topped with our savory fish sauce


Red Snapper (market price)

Seasoned and fried to perfection, served in Dhat Island creole sauce.


Creole Salmon $17.95

Our succulent pan-seared salmon fillet seasoned wit fresh herbs and spices, pan-cooked with buttery garlic. 


Creole Shrimp $17.95

Our delicious creole shrimp, sauteed in creole shrimp sauce.


Seafood Gumbo $15.95

Our delicious gumbo is filled with chicken, crab, shrimp and sausage served with white rice.


Eggplant and Crab $16.95

Exotic stewed eggplant with tomatoes, herbs & spices , mixed with crab.


Portobello Mushroom and Steak $19.95

Our creole beef steak strips and grilled marinated portobello mixed in creole sauce.



Stewed Okra & Shrimp $17.95

Exotic okra stewed with creole shrimp


Steak & Shrimp $21.95

Island's 8oz. grilled flat iron steak and creole shrimp


Curry Vegetables $12.95

Fresh cabbage, zucchini and carrots cooked in our delicious curry sauce.


Portobello Mushroom $12.95

Tender & juicy marinated smoked portobello mushroom with Islands' spices.


Eggplant Creole $12.95

Exotic stewed eggplant slow-cooked prepared to perfection in mouth-watering , savory creole tomato sauce.


Succulent okra seasoned with island spices, tomatoe


Curry Goat $16.95

Tender goat on the bone, marinated and stewed in yellow curry sauce.


Mayi Moulen w/sauce poi & poisson Fillet $15.95

Seasoned polenta W/black bean sauce & fish fillet


Creole Turkey $15.95

Creole turkey leg, slow cooked and smothered in creole sauce.


Creole loaded Potato $12.95

Baked russet potato, fully loaded with sauteed veggies, chicken and extras.


Meli Melo $14.95

A flavorfill mix of rice , tender chicken , sausage, shrimp and bell peppers flavored w/red stripe beer. (kin to Jambalaya)


Griyo (Island Pork) $15.95

Traditional dish from the Island of Haiti. Succulent marinated pork twice-cooked to perfection served with sauce and garnished with Pikliz.


Trio Grits with Griyo pork, Creole Shrimp & Dhat Chicken $23.95



Beef meatball Sandwich $10.95


Dhat Chicken Sandwich $10.95


Portobello Sandwich $10.95


Bourbon Chicken Sandwich $10.95


Gryio (pork) Sandwich $10.95




Sweet or Green Plantains $3.95


Red Beans & Rice $4.75


White Rice $2.00


Black Beans Sauce $3.75


Picklese (Pikliz) $1.50


Side Creole Pasta Salad $6.95


Side Garden Salad $4.95


Side Avocado Salad $6.95


Mac & Cheese $6


Greens $6


Yams $6









Citrus Salad $12


Entrees are served with our choice of Red beans and Rice, Black Beans and rice or Sautéed Vegetables




Stewed Oxtails  $17.95

Steak Du Matin & Smothered Potatoes w/eggs $18.95




Creole Salmon $17

Creole Salmon and Grits $17

Creole Shrimp and Grits $15




Bourbon Chicken $14.95



Griyo (island pork) $15.95

Twice-cooked succulent Island pork




Stewed eggplant Creole $14


Sweet Entrees


Served with southern smothered potatoes

Banana Foster $14

 Chicken & Waffle $15


Southern entrees


Served with smothered potatoes

Southern Fried Chicken Benedict $14.95

Fried Fish Benedict $14.95

Southern Sides


Candied Yams $6

Mac N Cheese $6

Mixed Greens

collard, mustard, mixed




Baby Coconut market Price

Ginger beer

Champagne Kola

Strawberry lemonade

Regular Lemonade

no refills on STRAWBERRY lemonade




Beignets  $6/$8

Caribbean Cake

Citrus Pound Cake


Drinks & Sweets




Dhat Islands Citrus Pound Cake $6


Peach Cobbler $6

Served warm with whipped (a la mode $1.50)


Caribbean Cake $6

A Moist layered banana, coconut pineapple with cream cheese icing & toasted pecans.


Pain Patate $6.95

Sweet potato pudding. A favorite of Haiti!

Served warm with whipped cream (A a mode $1.50)



Praline Cheesecake $6.95

Own own creamy cheesecake with pralines and caramel sauce.


Beignets $6/$8

Hot beignets dosed in powder sugar.


Fried Sweet Plantain A Lamode  $6.95




Mango Iced Tea $3.50

Strawberry Lemonade $3.50

Regular Lemonade (Fresh Squeezed) $3.50

Ginger Beer $3.75

Champagne Kola $3.50

Baby Coconut (Market Price)

Island Palmer $3.50

Ting $3.75