Catering Menu


(All Entrée Items Serves 10-12 Guest)

 Dhat Chicken

Boneless Chicken breast marinated with Dhat Islands’ Creole spices and grilled to excellence.

58 (1/2 Tray)

 Dhat Bourbon Chicken

Boneless tender chicken breast marinated & glazed with our special spices and dark bourbon Sauce.

59 (1/2 Tray)

Curry Chicken

65 (1/2 Tray)

 Creole Chicken (mixed Quarters)

Our famous roasted Creole Chicken. Marinated with our seasonings and spices with citrus, garlic and sautéed onions

59 (1/2 tray)


Jerk Chicken

65 (1/2 Tray)

 Dhat Creole meatball

Savory Creole beef Meatballs seasoned to perfection with our blend of Creole spices

(3 meatballs per Serving)

41 (1/2 tray)

 Creole Turkey

Creole Turkey wings andlegs slow cooked and smothered in Creole Sauce and natural Juices; Cut with bone in.

59 (1/2 Tray)

 Portobello Mushroom

59 (1/2 tray)

 Seafood Gumbo

81 (1/2 tray)

 Chicken Gumbo

61 (1/2 tray)

 Portobello Mushroom & Steak

74 (1/2 tray)

Creole Salmon

Salmon fillets seasoned with fresh herbs and spices , pan seared with delicious Garlic Cilantro Butter.

65 (1/2 tray)

Creole Shrimp

50 (1/2 tray) 


Gryio (Island Pork)

Delicious tender pork shoulder seasonedin our parsley marinade and cooked to perfection. The plate is garnished with Spiced Cabbage (PIKLIZ)

78 (1/2 tray)


Creole Red Snapper (subject to market price)

65 (1/2 Tray)

Creole Pasta & Chicken

Boneless Chicken Breast cut in strips over our signature Creole Penne Pastawith seasonal vegetables tossed in our Creole pasta sauce

55 (1/2 tray)

Creole pasta

(50 1/2 tray)

Eggplant Creole

Exotic eggplant slow-cooked with an array of vegetables prepared to perfection in mouth-watering savory Creole tomato sauce: best served over white rice.

58 (1/2 tray)

(61 w/beef cubes)

 Oxtail Bullion

Delicious tender Ox-tails stewed with veggies to perfection

78 ½ tray

Creole Blackened Steak

78 (1/2 tray)

 tender grilled 8oz flat iron steak

 Curry Goat

Tender goat meat stewed in our curry sauce and marinated to perfection

78(1/2 tray)

Add a Salad!

 Caesar Salad

Traditional Recipe with croutons, parmesan cheese and our special Caesar dressing . available with chicken.

 14 (1/2 Tray)

 Dhat Salad

 Mixed Greens, Cucumbers, Green Onions , Seasonal fresh & dried tropical fruit, Topped with feta cheese & Tossed in our own citrus dressing.


Curry vegetables

48 (1/2 tray)

Sides (All sides items served 10-12 Guests)

 Dhat Red Beans & Rice

24.99 (1/2 tray)

  Collard Mixed Greens

$38(1/2 tray)

 Black Beans Sauce & White Rice

24.99 (1/2 tray)


78 (1/2 tray)

 Candied Yams

29.99 (1/2 tray)

Mac & Cheese

54 (1/2 tray)

Mixed Greens

(collard, turnip, mustard)

38 (1/2 tray)

Plantains (green or yellow)

19.00 (2 pieces per serving )

Meli Melo

Kin to jambalaya. Rice Chicken, Shrimp, Sausage all stewed in Red Stripe Beer

67 (1/2 tray)


Island’s Creole Patties

Flaky puffed pastry filled with beef or veggies

$24.00 (dozen)


 Marinad (chicken Fritters)

(30 fritters (3pcs/person))


 Sweet Plantain Fritters

(30 fritters (3pcs/person))



$8.00 (Dozen)


Dhat Islands’ Citrus pound cake

30 ( serves 10-12)

 Peach Cobbler

$26.00 (half sheet serves 10-12

 CAribbean Cake



Strawberry or regular lemonade, Iced tea, coke , Diet Coke, Sprite, Kola Champagne ,Ginger Beer